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Coronavirus FAQs

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Frequently asked questions about coronavirus

Last Updated: 4/3/2020 at 1:00 PM

1. What is Natomas Charter School doing about the Coronavirus?

In alignment with Natomas USD and other schools and districts in the Sacramento region, Natomas Charter School will be closed to students for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. While the campuses are closed to students, learning will continue through distance learning through June 5th.

2. When will Natomas Charter School reopen for students and how will this decision be made?

Any reopening decisions will be made under the guidance of Sacramento County Public Health and Natomas Unified School District. The health and safety of students and staff is our number one priority. When the campus reopens we are planning for a phased reopening where teachers and staff would access the campus first with students being allowed on campus after the campus has been thoroughly cleaned and is set up for student learning.

3. What will distance learning look like for students who attend Natomas Charter School?

Distance learning will make use of digital tools to provide standards-aligned course content to all students. The exact process will depend on academy and grade level, but generally, all teachers will be posting academic content and hosting class meetings and office hours to support students and families. Please connect with your academy coordinator or student’s teacher for more information.

4. Are students required to participate in distance learning?

Students are expected to participate in all distance learning activities. We want students to stay current on their academic skills in all disciplines. The distance learning being provided is structured so that students will be prepared to return to school next year with as few academic gaps as possible. Teachers will be updating and adjusting learning materials based on student needs throughout the remainder of the school year. Please encourage your student to fully participate in distance learning during the campus closure.

5. Will student work be graded while students participate in distance learning?

We recognize that during this campus closure, each household situation is unique and some families may experience COVID-19 related illnesses. As a result, we are taking a “hold-harmless” approach to grading. Students are expected to participate in distance learning and teachers will be using the work generated by students as an assessment of their progress in understanding course content. However, grades can only improve during this time period. Students will not be penalized for missing assignments. Instead, teachers and staff will be reaching out to see if students need additional support.   

6. Will students be required to make up missed work or attend summer school?

We are exploring multiple options to help students fill any gaps in learning that occur as a result of distance learning. These include possible summer independent study and additional coursework next school year. We are evaluating options as the school year continues. We encourage students and families to fully participate in distance learning to minimize gaps in learning as much as possible.

7. Will Natomas Charter School be providing special education support during the campus closure?

Yes. All case managers have contacted families providing schedules for support in various services such as specialized academic instruction, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling. For other related services a team member should have reached out to families with consultation support. If you have not heard from your child’s case manager, need the name of your child’s case manager, or have further questions, please complete the following form: School Closure FAQ for Parents of Students with Disabilities. Additional resources can be found at:

8. How can I obtain technology for my student to use as part of distance learning?

Natomas Charter School has checked out over 200 Chromebooks. If you are interested in checking out a device please complete this form and our IT team will reach out to set up a time to pick up the device. Please note that due to significant demand the turnaround time can take 48-72 hours. If you want to know more about internet access options in your neighborhood please check out this page on the Keep Learning website. Finally, if you need technical support with one of our devices or your student’s accounts please complete a technology support request by clicking this link.

9. How can we access Student Services resources, such as academic counseling or social-emotional resources?

Social emotional counselors are available during Community Connection hours posted on the Student Services page of the Keep Learning site. This page also has lists of mental health resources available in the Sacramento community.

10.0How can my family obtain grab-and-go meals during the campus closure?

Lunch is available for pickup each day at Star Academy and at the Blackrock campus, as well as additional locations throughout Natomas and Sacramento. Please click here for more details.

11. How can students or families access items left on campus, such as PE clothes, dance shoes, and musical instruments?

Academy coordinators are working on plans that will allow families to retrieve left behind items while maintaining social distancing and limiting opportunities for COVID-19 transmission.  Academy coordinators will contact families about these opportunities after Spring Break.

12. Are there any plans to modify the school calendar due to the campus closure?

No. Natomas Charter School has no plans to adjust the 2019-20 or 2020-21 school year calendars. The last day of instruction for the current school year will be June 5th and next school year will begin for students on August 12th. 

13. How is the school handling end-of-year celebrations, such as high school graduations and Kinder/5th/8th grade promotions?

All end-of-year celebrations are “to be determined” and completely dependent on Sacramento County Public Health recommendations at the time. Our goal is to preserve as many of these traditions as possible, but also recognize they may need to shift to protect the health and safety of our community.

14. Are Board meetings still occurring during the campus closure?

Yes. All Board meetings will occur according to the approved  2019-20 meeting dates and times. In accordance with Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-25-20, all Board Meetings will only occur via teleconference to protect the health and safety of our community. There will be no physical location for meetings, but members of the public are invited to attend via phone or videoconference. Meeting agendas are posted here and available to the public 72 hours prior to each meeting. Each meeting agenda provides teleconferencing information at the top of the document. If you need any assistance accessing these meeting please contact Zeba Hone at

20. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

We will continue to keep our students, staff and families informed as we receive guidance from public health officials. If you have any questions, please continue to visit this FAQ page or email your academy coordinator. 


Acknowledgements - This page has been created using resources shared by other school districts and universities. We appreciate organizations, such as Davis Joint Unified School District, Natomas Unified School District, and UC Davis that have shared their information with schools across the community.