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NCS General Information


Natomas Charter School (NCS) is one of the oldest charter schools in California. Originally, started as a middle school program, NCS now consists of five separate academies serving over 1,800 students in Natomas and greater Sacramento. All instruction at NCS is based on the key principles of being purposeful, relevant, and engaging. The school has a nearly three-decade history of providing personalized academic, behavioral, and socioemotional support to all students. The school is founded on a three-way partnership between parents, students, and educators working together to support all children.

Natomas Charter School was originally authorized in 1993 by the Natomas Unified School District Board of Trustees and the school has a close relationship with the school district partnering on facilities, nutrition services, and other resources for students at Natomas Charter School. Many Natomas Charter School families also have children enrolled at schools in the district, as well as other charter schools in the community. The school prides itself on having a diverse and accepting student body, representing all of Natomas and Sacramento and a positive campus culture, cited by many families as their primary reason for enrolling at the school.

As with all other charter schools in California, Natomas Charter School is a public school, tuition-free, and open to all students. Enrollment at NCS is provided through an application process and does not require test scores or grades as part of admissions. For programs and grade levels which are oversubscribed (there are more applications than available spaces), the application process includes a public lottery. The process for conducting the lottery, as well as lottery preferences are set forth in the school charter and can be found under the Admissions tab. Once you've decided upon which the academy best fits your needs, we encourage you to visit the academy websites located at the following:

Star Academy (TK-5)

Pursuing Academic Choices Together (PACT, K-8)

Leading Edge Academy (6-8)

Performing and Fine Arts Academy (PFAA, 6-12)

Early College Academy (ECA, 9-12)