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At Natomas Charter School we believe in the value of technology and the information technology network as an educational resource. We feel that access to the tools and resources of a world-wide network and understanding when and how these tools are appropriately and effectively used are imperative in each student’s education.

Our BYOD program is an option that allows students to bring their own personal electronic devices to school for use. It is not a requirement for students to bring a device. Students without personal devices will be provided access to technology resources in the classroom or may request a school issued device. With teacher approval, students may use their devices in the classroom to access and save information from the Internet, collaborate with other learners, and utilize productivity tools available to them.

NCS offers filtered and managed wireless access. This means that NCS is compliant with all federal regulations requiring schools to restrict student access to websites or other Internet resources and content that are not appropriate for minors based on content or commercial interests requiring students to divulge personal information.


Many Internet Service Providers provide affordable internet connections and reliable WiFi for your student's home learning learning environment. 



Natomas Charter School families that do not have access to a technology device capable of accessing online resources and school assignments may request a 1:1 take home device.

Fill out the Student Technology Request Form to request a NCS assigned device.

Please note: only families who need to borrow a computer should complete the form. There is a limited amount of Chromebooks available for at home use.