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Volunteer Opportunities

Reading Partners- Help kids learn to read. Must be 14 years old, have TB test, &  available 1 hour a week.


Opportunities for Volunteering in Sacramento


Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience in the world of work while testing your areas of interests. It looks great on a resume and college application. Volunteering connects you to people in the world of work and fields you are interested in. It is a great way to ask questions and learn from those that are doing what you are interested in as a possible career.

Below are two wonderful resources for you. 

Volunteer Guide- Discusses in details the types of volunteer opportunities, how to find volunteer positions, and general information regarding volunteering.


Sacramento Youth Volunteer Directory- The most up to date database for volunteer opportunities throughout the Sacramento region. Volunteer positions are broken down into categories of interests and requirements for each position are listed.


Volunteer Opportunities

Please see Mr. Molay or email him at for more information about these and other opportunities.

Reading Partners


Need Help Finding a Volunteer Position?


Check in with Mr. Molay and/or Ms. Shenk-Tiffany to help search for volunteer positions in the Sacramento area.