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Staff Directory


  • Main Line: (916) 928-5353

  • FAX: (916) 928-5333

The following is a list of Student Services extensions:

Name Position E-Mail 


Joe Wood Executive Director
Addie Ellis Student Services Director 

Ronda Rufsvold Special Education Program Specialist 

Counseling Department

Melinda Curtis Counselor - Social and Emotional 

Caroline Hines

Counselor - Social and Emotional

Danielle Belcastro-Bisbikis                 Counselor - Social and Emotional
Suzanna Shenk-Tiffany             Academic, College and Career Counselor, (PPS)                 


Special Education

Brenda Rios School Psychologist
Bailey Mannisto-Iches School Psychologist
Tasia Perry Educational Specialist - VLA

Jasmine Gonzalez                     

Educational Specialist - PFAA (9-12)
Lori Tawde Educational Specialist - PFAA (9-12) / PACT
Jamie Holmes Educational Specialist - PFAA (9-12)
Kathy Samuelson Educational Specialist - PFAA (6-8)
Giselle Nobleza Educational Specialist - Leading Edge
Bob Pitts Educational Specialist - PACT
Franchesca Donato Educational Specialist - Star