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College Success

  Natomas Charter School is founded on the principle of supporting every student in achieving post-secondary success. The college admissions process is built around the idea of demonstrating each applicant is ready to take on college-level work. All of our high school graduates are provided the coursework, experiences, and coaching to pursue their college and career goals.


Our school is designed so that every student is prepared to for their post-secondary pathway whether that be college, military/community service, or entering a trade pathway.  

  • Coursework - Natomas Charter School provides rigorous college-prep high school course sequence which allows our students to have some of the most competitive college applications in the region.
    • UC/CSU A-G Coursework - All NCS students have the opportunity graduate "a-g" eligible with coursework that is aligned with the University of California's "a-g" standards.
    • Dual Enrollment - All NCS students have the option of taking free college courses while enrolled in high school through a dual enrollment partnership with American River College. Successful completion of a college class during high school is the "gold standard" for demonstrating college readiness, above completion of an Advanced Placement (AP) course or test (read more about dual enrollment here). Currently, Natomas Charter School students can take college level classes including English, Statistics, Psychology, and Sociology with the support of a Natomas Charter School staff member.
    • CTE Pathway - All PFAA high school students can complete an Arts, Media, and Entertainment CTE Pathway with a focused arts sequence in dance, music, theater arts, and visual arts.
  • Experiences - Our college and career counselors ensure every student can access college admissions assessments, such as the SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Students have the opportunity to meet with college staff (virtually and/or in-person) through college visits to campus and tours. 
  • Coaching - Natomas Charter School has a college and career counseling team who provides coaching and support to students throughout the college application process. Starting in 9th and 10th grade this team helps each student identify their post-secondary interests and potential colleges and universities. In 11th and 12th grade this team provides support for complete college applications and identifying scholarships.


Natomas Charter School students stand out during the college application process as they have a unique experience where academics, arts, and personal passions can be simultaneously pursued. This allows each student to tell their unique story resulting in a history of strong college admissions for NCS graduates.


As a small school, our students receive individualized, dedicated support throughout the college admissions process. Our students are admitted to some of the most selective public and private universities in the United States. Click here to see a list of Colleges and Universities Recently Attended by NCS Graduates.


Natomas Charter School measures college attainment in three key areas - College Preparedness, Admissions, and College Success.


College Preparedness (3-Year Averages)

  • High School Graduation Rate: 99%
  • SAT Score (Combined Avg.): 1098
  • ACT Composite Score (Combined Avg.): 22.5

Admissions (3-Year Averages)

  • 4-Year College Acceptance Rates: 98.3%
  • % of Graduating Class Applied to 4-Year College: 75%
  • UC Admissions Rate: 66% 


Class UC A-G Eligible College Credit CTE Pathway
2021 77% 33% 66%
2022 80% 43% 73%
2023 81% 55% 75%


College Success


NCS students demonstrate a high degree of college success once they enter college. Based on data released by the National School Clearinghouse and the California Department of Education for the graduating classes over the past three years:


  • 84% of our students enter college immediately following high school;
  • 87% of our students enroll in the first year following high school;
  • 81% return for their second year of college.

This is one of the highest college enrollment, persistence, and success rates for high schools in the Sacramento region. 



Natomas Charter School's strong reputation for helping students achieve post-secondary success has been featured in the news over the past few years. If you have trouble accessing these articles please contact our Student Services Team at 916-928-5353 ext. 1023.