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Air Quality Information

2020-21 AQI Response

For the 2020-21 school year, a significant challenge is posed by responding to wildfire smoke and COVID-19 simultaneously. Recommended best practices for COVID-19 mitigation is to have students meet outside and/or ensure all classrooms and student spaces are optimized to bring large amounts of fresh air. This is done by opening doors and windows when possible, as well as configuring HVAC systems to allow large amounts of outside air to enter the building. When we have diminished air quality due to wildfire smoke this can present a health risk for students and staff. 

Forecast AQI

Campus closure decisions will be made using Forecast AQI measurements (measured by Anytime the campus will be closed to students or staff an automated call and email will be sent out by the Executive Director or Student Services Director before 6:00 am any day campuses will be closed to students. Families and staff should prepare for these possibilities anytime Sacramento is impacted by wildfire smoke. 

Forecast AQI Above 151

For the 2020-21 school year, anytime the forecast AQI is above 151 (Unhealthy - Red), the school will transition to at-home distance learning and campuses will be closed to students. Childcare, student support, and nutrition services activities will occur as normal, but students will be kept inside as much as possible. Front offices and the Business Office will remain open. Staff members should still plan on working from campus unless otherwise discussed with their supervisor. 

Forecast AQI Above 201

For the 2020-21 school year, anytime the forecast AQI is above 201 (Very Unhealthy - Purple) campus offices will close and we will limit all on campus activities. All students will learn from home via distance learning, employees will work from home to the greatest extent practicable, and childcare activities will cease operations.

Please consult this chart for more information.

Community Air Quality Sensors

Natomas Charter School maintains three live air quality sensors on each of our campuses. These tools are used to help staff and students understand the current air quality conditions, as well as to provide a community resource for those living near our campuses. The current feeds for each of these sensors can be found below or by clicking on the links below

Blackrock Campus
Gloster Way Campus
Advantage Way Campus