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Which Academy is Right for My Student?

Leading Edge is ideal for Middle School students who would benefit from a smaller learning environment and project-based learning. All curriculum is aligned to the California state content standards.

Academy Highlights:

  • High academic standards
  • Integrated thematic teaching and project-based learning. 
  • Academic program built around leadership, creative thinking, technical savvy, appreciating cultural diversity, and global thinking
  • Clubs and intramural sports

Link to Leading Edge Flyer

Located at 4600 Blackrock Drive, Sacramento, CA 95835

Virtual Learning Academy is ideal for high school students who are independent, motivated, and who want a flexible schedule while preparing themselves for college life.

Academy Highlights:

  • College-style hybrid academy
  • Engaging curriculum designed by teachers
  • Combination of online and classroom based instruction
  • Weekly workshops with high levels of support
  • Small, collaborative learning community

Link to VLA Flyer

Located at 4600 Blackrock Drive, Sacramento, CA 95835

PACT Academy is ideal for Elementary and Middle School students who would benefit from a home schooling environment while also attending collaborative classes.

Academy Highlights:

  • Home-schooling program
  • Handcrafted, individualized education
  • Strong family, school and home partnership
  • Assortment of workshops offered in many areas, such as art, Lego robotics, dance, and many more

Link to PACT Flyer

Located at 1172 W. National Drive, Suite #30, Sacramento, CA 95834

PFAA is ideal for Middle and High School students with an interest in the arts that want to pursue their creative talents while still maintaining high academic standards for college and career preparation.

Academy Highlights:

  • High academic standards
  • Elective classes in the arts (drama, dance, music, fine arts, stagecraft, computer animation, etc.)
  • Academic program combines critical thinking and whole-person development approach to learning

Link to PFAA Flyer

Located at 4600 Blackrock Drive, Sacramento, CA 95835

Star Academy is ideal for elementary school students who would benefit from hands-on, inquiry-based learning. The academy places emphasis on both academic and social-emotional learning. 

Academy Highlights:

  • Moderate class sizes
  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten
  • Core subjects supported through hands-on, inquiry based approach
  • Spanish and art instruction for all K-5 students
  • High parent involvement

Link to Star Academy Flyer

Located at 4004 Gloster Way, Sacramento, CA 95834