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Library Catalog

The LMC is small but mighty! Yearly purchases are tailored to fit your curriculum, so make sure to search Destiny for items (books, magazines, documentaries - even games!) that will support your unit. 

ELA Teachers

Check our Benefits of Reading page to support students who are looking for their next book!

For Teachers

The LMC Research Guides

Our research guides are created and updated just for you! 

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar for access to scholarly books, dissertations, and articles.


Here are some great tips to use Google Scholar efficiently.

Sacramento Public Library

The Sacramento Public Library is an invaluable resource to help you with your research projects or class assignments.


You will need your Sacramento Public Library barcode number to access the databases in the Research page.

Click here to apply for a Sacramento Public Library card online, or come by the Library and Media Center to borrow a temporary Sacramento Public Library card, to gain access to the SPL's databases. 


The LMC has a full class-set of e-cards for you and your students to use, should you not have an active Sacramento Public Library (or if you forgot it at home). Ask Elsa for them!