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For Parents

How to get parent hours

You can help the Library Media Center in many different ways! Please see the full list of opportunities here. If you are interested in donating books to the library, please see the guidelines here.

Did you know that you can earn parent hours by volunteering and/or donating items to the Library Media Center? Yes, it is true! The most popular and efficient ways to get parent hours and help the Library include: donating supplies), volunteering at the LMC and purchasing books from our Amazon Wish List

We also need: books (fiction, non-fiction, foreign language, reference), magazines, DVDs, CDs, games (board games and card games), as well as tissues, hand sanitizers and toner. For incentives for reading programs throughout the year, we also welcome donation of candy and gift cards (to Regal Movie Theater, Jamba Juice, ice cream parlors, Barnes & Noble). Gift cards in amounts from $5 to $25 would be much appreciated!

new book (for example purchased via Amazon or Barnes & Noble) which cost you $15 will get you 1 parent hour; however, a used book which was worth $15 when new, will get you 1/2 parent hour. 

If you prefer volunteering your time, there is much that can be done on a weekly basis, and special projects throughout the year would also benefit from volunteers. If you are interested in donating to, or volunteering at the LMC, please contact Mrs. Prettol. 

Internet Safety

Learn how to protect yourself from online dangers

 Remember, anything you post online will stay available for a looooong time; this can pose a safety issue if you share too many details about your personal life. Remember to stay safe, and if you're not sure how, check the following links:

Cybersafety for parents 

Cybersafety for students