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NCS General Information

A Charter School is a school established to provide students and parents with more choices in the types of educational opportunities and programs that are available within the public school system.

The Natomas Unified School Board approved a community-based charter school in the Spring of 1993. All Natomas Charter School programs are open to students who reside within or outside of the Natomas Unified School District.

Natomas Charter School is a strong supporter of parent's rights to choose the direction of their child's education. Since 1981, a growing number of school districts in California have been offering programs and services for homeschooling families through Independent Study Programs. In 1993, the state approved a plan for development of Charter Schools. These Charter Schools were to provide opportunities for school districts or individual schools to try out innovative instructional methods, increase parent involvement, and improve student achievement. A handful of school districts took this opportunity to offer home schooling programs with creative approaches

Thank you for your interest in Natomas Charter School.  We are excited about the opportunity to serve your educational needs.  Natomas Charter School is a public, non-tuition school.  As a charter school, enrollment is determined by an application process. For programs and grade levels which are oversubscribed (there are more applications than available spaces), NCS will follow an application process and public random drawing policy set forth by the Board of Directors. This policy includes assigning priority to students in the lottery based upon a series of preferences.

The list of preferences can be found in our lottery policy under the Admissions tab.

Once you've decided upon which program best fits your needs, we encourage you to select the program listed under the Admissions tab that you are interested in applying for.  You may apply to more than one program, if you are interested in several programs.

Should you need more information about each of our five programs, please visit the program websites located at the following:

Performing and Fine Arts Academy
Leading Edge Middle School
Virtual Learning Academy
Pursuing Academic Choices Together
Star Academy